Emirates Airlines (Emirates). Transit in Dubai airport. Where to sleep, where to eat, where to smoke in Terminal 3?

About one of the best Arab airline – Emirates Airlines.

  1. Where possible and where it is more comfortably to sleep in the Terminal 3 Dubai Airport, excluding the airport hotel, which takes the hourly rate and very expensive?

  2. Where to eat cheaply or for free in the 3rd Dubai airport terminal?

  3. Where can I smoke in the terminal 3 of Dubai airport?


For those who prefer the comfort – Reviews and ratings of all hotels in Dubai (link) and Hotel Special Deals in Dubai (link)


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There are many people on the forum could not find a free restaurant, where they feed transit passengers. The website of the airport terminal three schemes, but there are on the website of Dubai Duty Free. Need to download a pdf file on the link http://www.dubaidutyfree.com/Terminal3.pdf
The restaurant is located on the scheme at the food court 17, about 228 gate on the second floor.


Note: The “restaurant” for transit passengers called “Courtuard”. He was thoroughly hidden away, information was collected consistently on Emirates desks and Information Desk. Located in the Burger-King, but the second floor. If you look around, then you will see a Burger near the elevator, standing next to the pointer “for Emirates transit”. Search pays off only for the tortured path of tourists. Former restaurant for transit passengers in Terminal 1 is closed.


And we ate Courtyarde great! Probably menu depending on time of day. In 12 days the people were not there, quite a large buffet of two soups, three kinds of chicken, rice, pasta, salad bar, Arab dishes, desserts. Beverages (except water) for the money.
Excellent slept about 5 hours on the “deck chairs”! And we are not awakened nor prayers, nor the voice of the announcer, not always succeeded by the people


We had breakfast there, too good on February 20. Yes, and drinks like tea and coffee are free)
Any transit passenger Emirates, who docked between flights over 4 hours, are free to eat here.


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In Terminal 3 is a comfortable seat with stand-extension of the foot, you can sleep (because of the air conditioners are cool and a little tired of the Arab female robot from the speakers declaring flights. First problem is solved with the clothing or plaid, the other with earplugs. )).
Located on the adjacent “street” of duty-free, where “running” tracks.
On the second floor, a free breakfast for transit passengers Emirates (Emirates), the food is excellent, especially pleased with the fresh batch, allowed for the boarding pass.


About the free breakfast – restaurant average quality, a lot of people;-). The time was 5 or 6 in the morning. And he is not at Gate 206 – before reaching it, the left side of the entrance to the great hall departures. On the second floor. There is a lift and stairs. Entrance – show your boarding pass


We were in the morning, there was something resembling breakfast.
Rice, pasta salad, vegetables, fruits, yogurts, tea, coffee and rolls. I do not remember details, was asleep :) Not luxurious, but perfectly acceptable.
Huge signs were not there, you need to focus on the elevator and look around his plate with the inscription – Restaurant. There’s glass windows and munching passengers should be visible from the transit zone.


We flew via Dubai last year. On one side were waiting for 4:00, back – 12. Sleep there terribly uncomfortable benches all with arms, lie down at full length will not work.
Normal beds with footrests are almost always busy. Sooooo cold – we are sick, not taking some warm clothes. About free restaurant did not know, eat in Burger King. Left for a few minutes a bag unattended – stole $ 300. Soon, once again flying via Dubai, will be waiting for 9:00. Buying a visa, hotel or lounge will not, so again we take sweaters, Thai rum and plaid!


Where to sleep? – If you go down on a floor of the airport, there is a lounge with carpets laid by, and not the tile. There’s people sleeping on the floor in droves. It is clean. Backpack put under his head and normally slept. Flew in the winter, so it was in the jacket. I slept in a jacket, I was warm!


Take warm clothes, scarves and hats … For 10 hours docking feel just like in the freezer (It was the only negative in the whole trip with the Emirates Airlines. If transit stop an hour 3, its Ok!


I found a place where you can perfect “stretch out” :)
quiet lounge near gate 109, and maybe there is somewhere else (on the way saw another of the same pointer, but it was closed)


As for the seats with footrest, which can sleep, you need to look near the gate where there is no landing in the coming hours. In the morning transit on the way to Bangkok, I found a corner (do not remember exactly, but somewhere around the smoking room), where there were no people, gates closed, the seats with footrests and seat are free. I managed to sleep for a while.


Sandwiches, salads, tea and coffee can be purchased without a problem. Fast food and everything is quite sufficient budget, and especially in the morning do not want to eat much.


According to the information office of the Emirates – free meal at a restaurant “Courtyard” near Gate 212!


Warmest (if I may call it so) a place in the transition between 1 and 3 of the terminal near the Starbucks cafe. They are charging for notebook and seats with footrests (red). All within walking distance.
As for the climate at the airport – really cold. Do not hurry to part with warm clothes and pack it in bags at the point of departure.
Rush hour in the duty free from 6 am to 10. After this time, you can walk around and look without the crowds!


Smoking room in Dubai Airport. Where can I smoke in the terminal 3 of Dubai airport?

For smokers. Smoking room in Dubai found close to 125 and 119 gates. If you have a gate 225, it is very far to go to smoke. I once went out, then smoked for 20 AED in the cafe!

About the smoking-room: in the third terminal, it is not. It is in the 1st on the border of the third. Just full of people, and poor conditioning. People from around the world smoked in front of her, even though it was forbidden. However, if you go further in the first terminal 50 meters there are two smoking room – and there are no people. I recommend smoking here.

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